Nail After Care

Here are some guidelines to help you maintain your nails.
Please remember nail enhancements are extensions of your own nail and not a nail transplant. They will break like natural nails if not treated with respect.


- Always use a ‘non’ acetone nail varnish remover.

- Wear rubber gloves for household jobs such as washing up.

- Do not use your nails as tools, EG. to pick off labels or open ring pulls.

- Use the pads of your fingers for picking objects up rather than your nails.

- Ideally, don’t let your nails go any longer than 2 weeks without having a maintenance appointment - this will keep your nails strong and looking good.

- Use either hand and nail cream or ideally cuticle oil to keep extensions flexible and to prevent lifting. Do not use lanolin based hand creams always read ingredient label as they can cause lifting.

- If a crack appears in a nail, DO NOT pick or try and break it off. File it down to a length so it will not catch, then give us a call to arrange repair.


If you have any questions or need advice please call us on 614174.